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  1. Govt. issued Photo I.D

  2. W-2 for the previous 2 years

  3. Paystubs covering 30 days period

  4. 2 most recent bank statements (for verification of funds needed to close)

  5. Mortgage Statement for all properties owned

  6. Property Tax Statement for all properties owned
    (If tax not paid through mortgage)

  7. Homeowner's insurance information for all properties owned (agent's name and phone number or Insurance Declarations page)

  8. Personal tax returns for the previous 2 years

  9. Employer Information (name, address and phone numbers of all employers over the last two years)

  10. Residence History (residential mailing addresses over the last two years)


  1. HELOC / 2nd Mortgage Statement

  2. HOA Dues Invoice

  3. Solar / Home Improvement Lien Statement

  4. Copy of a Green Card

  5. Copy of Work Visa (I-797) and VISA page

  6. Bankruptcy documentation

  7. Divorce documentation

  8. Social Security / Pension documentation


  1. Business tax returns for the previous 2 years

  2. Year-to-date profit and loss statement (P&L)

  3. Business Licenses covering a 2 year period

We self-process* majority of our loan files. Does that matter?

Yes. Many online lenders quote below market rates, with "best rate scenario" conditions (which may not be applicable to everyone) to attract clients. They may also require you to complete the loan application online. Then your documents are likely sent to a third-party processor for loan submission. Loan processors often work for many loan originators, handling hundreds of files. Loan processors have turn times - 72 hours for new submissions, 48 hours for conditions review, 24 hours to upload documents, etc. When your interest rate is locked, every day is important. Rate extensions are expensive (extensions can cost 0.20 % – 0.50 % of the loan amount). In many cases, borrowers are charged third party processing fees (other than lender underwriting fees). When you work with me, I am the single point of contact throughout the loan process, from application through loan funding. 


* based on Lender Approval as some lenders mandate a loan Processor

In comparison with major banks and online loan portals

When you work with me, you are not just an account number. There is no call center to "press 1-2-3" to wait for the next available representative to check the status of your loan application. I am available at your convenience, 7 days a week, to discuss the loan options, for rate quotes and provide fast pre-approvals. Most importantly, after close of escrow, if you have any transaction related questions, I am still accessible. 

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